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Hi Everyone,

I have a question regarding billing an auto insurance for medical records.

How and when do you bill an auto insurance company for medical records?

Currently, I am in a situation that I could use some advice. A patient has filed a claim with the insurance company of the at-fault party for a MVA that she was involved in. The MVA was in Dec 2022. However, we still haven't gotten paid by that insurance company because the patient is still receiving treatment from us. The patient did call her auto insurance and filed a claim with them so we could get a payment. I was told by my provider that I should bill the auto insurance for the medical records and claims that I have emailed to the insurance company.

How do I go about doing that since I have emailed the records and claims to the insurance company? Is it too late for me to present them with a bill for those records and claims since it has been a week since I emailed the records and claims? Any advice would be great.

I own my own medical billing company.

Please and thank you


Please help

Check your state laws, in Michigan you can't get paid by BOTH auto insurance companies.  The at fault ins should be paying you regardless of the pt still receiving treatment. I would be calling them every day until they pay any outstanding claims.   Did the patient's ins request the records?  I would not charge for them. If it helps you get paid, send them!

Thank you for responding.

So, yes the patient's insurance is the one that recently requested the records and claims. I am not expecting to get paid by both insurance companies because the patient's insurance would go after the other insurance company for reimbursement of paying any of the claims.

I never did charge them for the records and claims.

Thank you again for the help.


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