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From what I have read the Xena software will be batch processed to the clearing house. I have heard this can be a disadvantage because it is slower and not real time. Am I mistaken?


--- Quote from: DavidZ on July 09, 2009, 06:24:02 PM ---Yes, I see
I also looked at, free software, which is not free at the end

--- End quote ---

Yes you pay for the ala carte services!

Do you mean slower on your end, or on the clearing house end?


From what I have read, batch processing takes longer to go through the clearing house. I would think that this would, in return, take longer for the claims to get paid by the insurers. Just what I've read, but if its fast and reliable enough Xena seems to be the way to go for me when it comes out.

Batching to a clearinghouse isn't slow unless the computer is slow, it's only seconds for a batch of claims. Even if it was moments that wouldn't hold the claim at the clearinghouse longer.  ???


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