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I nailed a presentation date now what??

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Can someone please tell me some of the general things a doctor is looking for in a medical billing company.
Besides the basics like being able to send claims, post payments ect.

My company packet or a marketing letter will usually get me a phone call and a presentation date but once I get to the presentation I never hear from them. I've had 7 presentations and nailed 1 doctor so far. I would like to know if there are any tips someone can give me or anything I shouldn't say during a presentation. I consider myself a professional but something is lacking. I know my problem is hard to diagnose without sitting in on one of my meetings but a generalization would help. Thank you.

Have you done any f/u calls to the providers you presented to?

Actually what we 'sell' is that we don't just send claims and post payments, but that we go after denials, followup all any unpaid claims, and make sure the provider gets paid for ALL of the services he provides.  Anyone can send out claims and post payments, but do they KNOW what they are doing, do they understand billing, are they going to go after every penny that is due.  When they hire you they are hiring an expert, someone who knows the ins and outs of billing and how to get all claims paid, even the difficult ones.  We maximize their receivables, and in a reasonable time frame.  Claims don't sit out there getting old, we begin working anything unpaid as soon as it hits 30 days.  You know they are not getting that in their office. 

Now go out and sell yourself!  (Just kidding, hope that was helpful.  ;) )


My advice is not to call it a presentation or even think of it as a presentation. I don't make fancy presentation, I go in and I want to hear all of their headaches, problems, concerns, frustrations. I prefer to let them do most of the talking or even complaining and then I can offer up options to fix things, that always works. I've never gone on an appointment where I didn't get a signed contract. Also if I get a good prospect on the line I will take them to dinner or lunch. I learned to listen to my gut :)
Don't think of it as "selling" think of yourself as a troubleshooter on a mission :)  Works for me. If you want to "leave a presentation on CD, that is fine and often works to have something to leave them with to look at when they are thinking things over.

Linda has some great points.  We actually use that method as well.  Get them talking, let them tell you what's wrong in their office and then tell them how you can fix it, make it better, bring them in more money.  That's what they want to hear.

I got sidetracked when you said "send claims and post payments" because a billing service does .... ohhhh soooooo much more than that.  But Linda is right, nobody likes a salesman.  Don't sell yourself, solve their problem!

Thanks for catching me on that one Linda.



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