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Do you have a list of the qualifiers that are needed for each area in medisoft


Alice Scott:
Do you have a list of the qualifiers that are needed for each area in medisoft (eg. what is the qualifier code when you enter a procedure that is not on your system and the bottom box says code ID qualifier.)?
Also the ref dr's need a qualifier and ins co's? Do you have a list of these?
Please share with me...

Hi Nellie,
Thanks for your question. I use Lytec, which is similar to Medisoft, but Lytec does not have the qualifier fields like Medisoft does. I tried to find a list of the qualifiers used in Medisoft but I wasn't able to. The only qualifiers I know of are the ones to identify the type of insurance carrier in electronic claims submission which is not what you are looking for. I will post your question and maybe another Medisoft user could email us if they have lists of qualifiers.

from Jan

In reference to the question someone asked about qualifiers (for the Medisoft software) - You can go into the Medisoft website and do a search for qualifiers or I have listed below what the qualifiers are. Hope this helps!
0B - State License Number
1A - Blue Cross Provider Number
1B - Blue Shield Provider Number
1C - Medicare Provider Number
1D - Medicaid Provider Number
1G - Provider UPIN Number
1H - Campus Identification Number
1J - Facility ID Number
B3 - Preferred Provider Organization Number BQ - Health Maintenance Organization Code Number EI - Employer's Identification Number FH - Clinic Number
G2 - Provider Commercial Number
G5 - Provider Site Number
LU - Location Number
SY - Social Security Number
U3 - Unique Supplier Identification Number
X5 - State Industrial Accident Provider Number
This information is typed into the PINS field (under Insurance).
Jan R. 


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