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Medisoft Training and some onther questions from a newbie



Can anyone advise me on where I can get some quick training on the MediSoft software.  I applied for a medical collections postion which I am experiended in but they said knowledge of MediSoft would be helpful??

Also when claims are denied what would you say are the top 10 reasons?

Is their a reasonable billing and coding online course that does not take over 3 months??  Also want to take a HIPAA compliance course online!!

What are the basic HIPAA regulations??  The main things to be aware of??

And last but not least how do you go about getting pre=authorization from an insurance company.
I am really trying to learn the medical billing jargon because the success of my collections will involve some insurance follow up work.

Any help is greatly appreciated and I thank god I located this site. 

Sorry for the delay in responding! 

First, I do not know anywhere you can get a crash course in Medisoft.  If you have any other Practice Management Software experience and you are pretty proficient on the computer you should be fine.  It is a fairly user friendly software.  You could always go to the Medisoft website and see if they have a demo. 

As far as top 10 claim denials, that's a great idea for an article.  I will email you when it is done.  Too long to include in this post.  Alice did write an article on appealing a denial.  You can read it at

I am really not familiar with any of the online courses but I have not heard of any that are < 3 months.

I also am not aware of any HIPAA courses, but we do have an articles= about HIPAA that may help you,

Pre-auth can usually be obtained by calling the insurance company.  In some  cases, the company has a form that they require that you fax in for pre-auth.  Each company has their own requirements.  Anyway if you just understand what pre-auth is, and the importance of getting it, you should be ok.  If you don't know with a particular company, just call the insurance company and ask what they require. 

Good luck!



Thanks so much for the fast reply.  May god bless you and your business.  Your willingness to share helpful information with others is awesome!!!



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