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Good Morning Everyone,

I have a question about AltaPoint. Has anyone ever used this software? Do you like it? I had a demo on it a couple of weeks ago and it seems to be very user friendly. Just wanted to get some feedback it anyone has used this.



Hi Patti,
  I have heard of Altapoint, but I am not familiar with it.  I was hoping one of our other members was so they could give you some insight.  If you are not sure, maybe you could ask the reseller if you could talk to someone who is currently using it, preferably someone in the same field as you. 

Good luck!


Yeah right, Altapoint software is a user friendly, you will enjoy using it.The features are very good and it easy to follow.


I'm taking medical billing and coding online and I'm currently using Altapoint. I think the software is very user friendly, I like using it. I was also looking at this website they provide business opportunity and their software is very user friendly and colorful. you can download a demo and I think it's great. You should check it out.

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