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I am setting up my laptop for medical billing and would like to be sure that it's completely secure before I proceed with adding the billing software to it. There is currently no anti virus software installed, as the computer is new, so I don't even know where to begin with that purchase. I have searched on the internet and found nothing that made me feel confident  enough to buy. The companies have great sales pitches, but of course they have to. Is there a certain anti virus software that you would recommend? I will be using Medisoft Advanced v. 14

Also would like to know more about email security and encryption if anyone else knows and would like to share.

Angela Rathbone


It is very important to install an anti-virus software especially if you'd use your laptop to connect to the internet. I would recommend Norton's 2008 or Symantec's Endpoint protection edition which can be bought off their website (http://www.symantec.com/index.jsp)
Upon installation ensure email traffic, webpages and other activex contents are screened automatically.
You also need to schedule auto / live updation so that new definitions are updated to your system automatically and reguslarly.
It is also a good idea to enable the firewall that comes with the anti-virus software.

It is also a good idea to install a spyware remover to ensure that malware and spyware do not get installed onto your system via the internet. You could install Microsoft's Windows Defender which is available free of cost from the Microsoft webpage.



Thanks Rakesh,
  Good info.  We use a different anti-virus but that is because we are using Windows server.  Both of the ones that Rakesh mentioned are good.  The most important part is that you do the regular updates.

Also, (again like Rakesh mentioned) the anti-spyware is important.  I've actually had more problems from spyware than from viruses.  I'm not familiar with Microsoft's but I also use a free one called Ad-aware.  It is downloadable from the internet.  (Don't get it confused with Adware which is not free.)

I don't know much about email encryption.  Hopefully someone who does will help us out here!



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