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Hi, I have signed up for billing services through synergy mis and the software PMX-3. They are really helpful but I'm having delays in getting my marketing together so I really haven't utilized it. Can you offer any information on this company and program?

Sorry but I haven't heard of either.



--- Quote from: Michele on August 05, 2009, 12:08:30 AM ---Sorry but I haven't heard of either.


--- End quote ---

See I avoided this post til I saw you go in...I thought it was scam!!
Sorry I haven't heard of them either.

Synergy used to be Santiago.. Synergy MIS  is   business opportunities and franchises. (not going into my thoughts on these)
Can't say anything about the software as I have only seen PMX a few years ago and was not that impressed.  I used to be a Santiago BC years ago and used their older software OneClaimPlus for years .. LOVED it and I could manipulate the hell out of it. But that was different ownership and different time.


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