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Working old accounts


Alice Scott:
I have a question in regards to working old accounts. Let's say a doctor wants you to take over their old accounts in addition to billing for all new accounts. How would you recommend handling the old accounts since the A/R is on their current system and we are using a different system and working from home? If my software system has the capabilities to upload all of the old accounts and A/R would you recommend doing that?
Thanks so much!


Hi Janine           

   I wouldn’t recommend uploading all the old AR into your system.  Since you are starting out fresh, you don’t want to bog your system down with old AR that you are not even sure is accurate.  I would recommend working their old AR from an aging report and only adding the claims to your system that need to be rebilled or that are going to be reprocessed.  From my experience, the old AR that the provider usually has in their system is full of balances that are not accurate. 

Good luck


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