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kinesio taping question

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our chiro's started billing for the taping codes  29200, 29240, 29220, 29520, 29620, 29820, 29530, 29540 and 29550.  I know that we need the 59 modifier but is there any other modifiers that are required? or does anyone now where I can find more information out on billing these codes?

   I can't think of any other modifier (other than the 59) that you should use.  I'm curious to see if the insurance carriers pay for the taping codes.  We bill for many chiros but none have billed for taping.

Let us know how you make out!  :)


just curious if insurance is paying for the kinesio taping?  we have not billed insurance for it yet, but would like to.


I'm curious to see if it's being paid for as well.  We bill lots of chiros but none bill for taping.  I suspect it will depend on insurance carriers.   NYS comp doesn't allow chiros to bill anything except 99203, 99213 & 99214.


I was searching for some info on taping this morning and ran across this post.  I am in Indiana and BCBS pays for 29220 depending on the patients plan.  We do have some small local companies (SIHO and Sagamore off the top of my head) that pay for it also.

What I was looking for was different code to charge UHC for taping.  I know sometimes they allow the code if you can change it to a G-code.  Has anyone had any luck finding with UHC?


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