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Insurance reimbursement for telephone calls?


Alice Scott:
Do you know of any commercial insurance companies that actually reimburse physicians for telephone calls? 99371-99373? And if so, which one’s?

Hi Bridget,

   I am not aware of any specific insurance carriers that do allow for telephone calls.  The few that I have billed were not allowed.  Each plan and company goes by their own guidelines.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


Regarding telephone calls, amazingly Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation pays for them, it is clearly written in their policy manual and it is one issues that I try to mention to those providers treating BWC patients when consulting or taking over a new practice management contract.  A lot of them are unaware and very happy to hear this.  I share the documentation guidelines and instruction them on following them compliantly.

Alice Scott:
Thanks for that information!!


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