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Finding a clearinghouse


Alice Scott:
How long does it take to get connected to the clearinghouse?  and how many clearinghouses are there?  How does one know which one is the best one?
If I have medisoft right now, do I have to call them to connect to a clearing house or can I call the clearinghouse directly and if so, which clearinghouse?

Is your Medisoft up to date?  If it isnít it may not be capable of submitting electronically.  If your Medisoft is up to date, you have a couple of options.  You can contact Medisoft to see what clearinghouse they recommend, or you can contact any clearinghouse directly.  There are several out there.  Some are even free, since the insurance carriers reimburse them for any claims received electronically.  Also, if you do a high volume, you can purchase a software to submit the claims directly to the insurance carriers (act as your own clearing house). 



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