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Is Box 32 required on the new HCFA form


Alice Scott:
Hi, my name is Grace.  My question is regarding the new HCFA form (08/05) and Box 32.  My understanding is that this box must be filled in only if the services were rendered outside the physician's office.  Does the new form require that Box 32 be filled in regardless of where the services were rendered?  Thank you for your help.

Hi Grace,

    Different insurance carriers require different things.   We have found that some require box 32 to be completed whether the services were rendered in the providerís office or not.  If the services were provided outside the office, it is definitely required.  However, to avoid denials we programmed our software to complete box 32 on every claim.  If the services were done in the office (90% of our claims) it just puts the office address there.



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