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I am a Chiropractor in Colorado and am out of network for all insurance companies.  I honor all in network benefits and bill what insurances accept out of network providers.  I have heard that I do not have to collect the deductible, when billing for out of network benefits, if i wish not to, from the patient, but can bill the insurance.  Is this correct?  Realizing that I will not get paid until the deductible is satisfied, will this be a problem, other than financially taking the loss?

There is actually a lot of controversy on this topic.  I would have originally said, it is illegal to charge the insurance company for services and then not charge the patient.  But I did a little research on the topic and there is conflicting information.  For PAR providers it is definitely against the contract to do it.  For non par, it is very gray.  Each state has their own laws that vary.  You really need to check with someone who knows the laws for your state.

Wish I had a clear cut answer.  :-[


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