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Hi Everyone

I have 8 years in the medical field and 4 years as a medical biller and coder and processing claims at my job.  I have confidence that I can do this myself from home.The type of business that I work for we bill durable medical equipment for DME providers to Medicare, Medicaid and all private insurancesand we do 47 states, and that is what I would like my own business to consist of.   I am not trying to jump into all states at one time. I will like to stick to my home state, Missouri and branch out when I am able to handle more or just stick one state. What software would you guys suggest? I will appreciate all feedback. Thanks in advance

Well... I always say.. if you can bill DME.. you can bill anything <g>
Don't limit yourself however if you plan to start your own business. JMO!

Really? So DME is "harder" than others?  I didnt know that.  That is the only experience that I have but would love to branch out.  Do you have any recommendations for software?

another DME biller............welcome!!! 47 states U go. What part of DME do you bill? I am mostly  Custom Rehab.  Also the software is different from DME and medical.

At my current job, we bill anything from a walker up to a bariatric hospital bed we also do oxygen, cpaps, and bipaps.


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