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Some will say it's not harder, some will say it is, but I think it's more tedious and there are way more regs to keep up with not to mention tracking the CMN's.
As far as software goes, this is an iffy subject because I do know DME billers who use a lower end software like Medisoft who will claim it works great and then I know billers who need to have a specific software just to file DME.

depends on what you are billing with DME. We can send the electronic CMN and add the required narratives for repairs and labor with DME software, but since its not needed for Medical billing, its not added. This is the basic difference that I have seen, otherwise you can interchange them. Not all DME requires Difs or CMN's

Thank you so much for your advice. I appreciate it :)

You are more than welcome, it feels good to have another DME biller in here. I feel so alone sometimes :-(

Hey Charlene,
    Can DME be done as easily on any PM system, or is it better to have one tailored to DME?  You were so excited to see another DME biller you missed the question on the software!  LOL, just kidding!  I do a little DME and it works fine on my PM system, but since you do more I thought you would be better suited to answer.



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