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Can any one give me some feed back on good billing software and approx cost to start up a billing service company. 

Thank you:)


Start up costs for a billing service vary depending on your situation.  For example, will you be working out of your home or do you need an office.  Office space can be costly.  Also, do you own a computer with the capabilities you will need for medical billing or do you need a computer. 

Billing software can run anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars.  It depends on your needs.  For a billing service, you can usually get a decent software for between $1200-$1500.  It will also depend on if you will need more than one computer to be able to use the software (single user or multi-user). 

There are online billing softwares that charge monthly fees.  I'm not that familiar with them, but others have commented on how they are.  Sometimes that is a better option for someone starting out if you don't have a lot of money to work with. 

We use NDCLytec and it has worked well for us.  If you want us to refer you to a reseller we can (we are not resellers). 

We also have many ebooks available on medical billing and medical billing services at

Good luck

I would be doing the billing from home.
How does Lytec work? Do they charge a set up fee per Doctor?  Is it a multi Dr software? Are there monthly fees?

Thank you for any info:) 


Once you purchase Lytec you own it, there is no other fees.  Except for upgrades (usually yearly).  You can purchase either single user, 3 user, 5 user or 10 user agreements.  All are multiple practice.  The price obviously goes up the more users you will need.

It is very user friendly and has good report capabilities.


If I purchace Lytec and install it on my system at home can the Physicians I bill for log in and access their accounts also.  And can I log on from anywhere as well.


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