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Retinoscopy and proper CPT Code

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 I work in billing department in the medical facility. Before hiring new employee, we perform basic eye exam- Retinoscopy. What CPT code should I use to bill for this services and would be proper to use in this situation. We tried 99172, but after further research I think this is a wrong code. Thank you for your help

I've read several coding questions by you and I have to ask WHY? it seems to me your provider should be coding or an experienced and certified coder should be on staff, if you are not a coder you shouldn't be coding, coding is based on what the provider DID and most importantly what was documented. If there is no coder on staff or they don't want to get one, give the charge tickets back to the provider and explain to them that they were in the room and that it's their documentation.. code the visit.  Don't mean to be rough but you set yourself up because you are just as legally libel as the provider.

Thank you for your help, I will talk to our doctor and advise them regarding this matter. Elena

Steve Verno CMBS, CEMCS:
If this is a preemployment issue, who are you billing? Im also confused, and not being a doctor, what does a retinoscopy have to do with being hired to do billing? I would think you would want to do a cranialrectalectomy.   :D

If you are the biller, you dont code, you bill.
As linda said, the doctor is supposed to code.

Billers are not coders and coders are not billers but billers need to know coding to ensure the codes selected are true accurate and correct and to ensure a clean claim is submitted. Coders need to know billing so they can code to carrier specificity. Example. Florida medicaid wont pay for toe fracture care, so the coder knows he/she cannot code the toe fracture care when confronted with a Florida Medicaid claim.  The coder follows Medicaid's policy.


    I'm a little confused myself.  If you are performing a test as a requirement for employment who are you billing?

    I do have to agree though, they should be supplying you with the code.



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