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driver's license
« on: December 28, 2009, 02:27:25 PM »
Hi. Hope everyone's holiday was good.

I have a question about taking a copy of the patient's driver's license for the fraud issue.
We had a patient that did not want us to make a copy of their license. He refused. We documented that we asked him and he refused. 

What happens in this case?

Thanks, Cathy


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Re: driver's license
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2009, 08:06:29 PM »
In all of our clinics and facilities front desk staff also ask for a Driver's license and in most all cases we  see it, but we DO NOT for  ID theft purposes make a copy of it.  We tell the pt. that for insurance fraud purposes we need to verify who they are, some of our sites when asking for the DL will ask if they would like to mask their DL number and provide them with a piece of masking tape to do so before the pt. hands their DL to the Rep.   If a pt. does not want to show their DL then we ask for other forms of ID such as their work badge and our other offical documents.  If they cannot provide either, staff are instructed to have pt. complete all NP paperwork and we still see them.  Yes, ID/Insurance Fraud is a major concern for all and you would figure because all of our sites are very close to the Mexican boarder that we would encouter a huge volume of ID fraud so that a pt. could receive medical care  but with the 8 hospitals and 28 clinics that me and my peers here in Compliance are in charge of we very rarely encounter it.  It would appear how to handle the scenario would be an case by case office policy because there is no law, at least not here in CA. that states we can refuse a pt medical care simply because they want to protect their identity.  Again, under no circumstances do we make copies of a pt's DL
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Re: driver's license
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Personally I have no problem SHOWING the office my drivers license or any other ID but I will not let them walk away with it. While I do understand identity theft is a big problem it works both ways, I have no guarantee my information will be safe if they copy it. Identifying me and documenting it in their chart is good enough IMO. I've never had to argue this, even in ER of the hospital, they may see it and document they seen it and identified me but they may not make a copy.
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Re: driver's license
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