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What Place of Service codes does Anthem recognize in box 24b


Alice Scott:
I need to know what Place of Service codes Anthem recognizes in box 24b.  I have sent claims in with "3" for office visit.  I have also sent some "11" for office visit.  Which place of service code should I be using?  Also, in field 33 where am I supposed to place my anthem id#?  I work for a general medical physician in Kentucky.
Shelly T

Hi Shelly,
The correct place of service code for services in the office is "11".  The "3" is a very old code that is no longer used.  Your Anthem ID# or Pin on the old HCFA form should go in box 33 at the bottom of the box where it says PIN.  On the new CMS 1500 forms it would go in the same box, but over to the right further in box 33b. 


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