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i love office ally also. I send all of my claims through them. Their customer support is awesome also. It is way better than the clearinghouse i had before that I had to pay for.

Have to agree 100% regarding the comment about their great customer support!!  My emails are all answered in a very timely fashion!

Just started using Office Ally and so far, very good experience.

I work in a Urology Office (1 Doctor), we have been using Office Ally/PracticeMate and their EHR for a couple of years. OA is a work in progress and they are continually improving their software. A few years ago I was tasked to find and implement an affordable billing/scheduling/EHR solution for our office ~ after many hours of research we settled on Office Ally.

It is extremely affordable and they are continually building and improving the software daily. Office Ally is internet based so no need for our office to purchase and maintain servers. We just needed a decent computer and high speed internet connection.

The fact that all of our patient files are stored offsite (OA servers) is a huge plus. 


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