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Wow, that seems pricey!  I would definitely look into switching.  I am not that familiar with AdvancedMD.  I've looked at it, and I know it had lots of bells and whistles.  Any transition is not easy, but if you prepare the best you can, it can be done fairly smoothly.  I would check with the software you are switching to, and see if they offer data conversion.  If not, try your tech guy. 

Good luck!


lolol...I am the tech guy...The posts I've been reading are from 2009.  What is the leading software out there now?  When I good medical billing I get all the 'educational opportunities'. 

I don't think I would ever presume to call any one software a "leader", at least not anymore. However i do think to make a true informed decision you have to really put the software to the test. I think it really takes a good amount of time too. I see some completely happy with their Medisoft and I particularly don't care for it at all. And when you say "leader" some will answer that based on what's widely used vs. a true high performance practice management system.  One thing I would look at is growth. If I had it to do ALL over again, I would NOT have made "cost' the most important thing. I have been through multiple data conversions and they are just NEVER EVER smooth, anyone that says they are either lying or not experienced enough to see the problems with a conversion.

Another thing I think billing companies should consider when using software is that today, they have to be multi-trained and diversified. I've seen many new billers throw away potential prospective clients because they had their own software. I only have 2 clients that utilize my software, the others I work off their systems.

Just my .50cents worth :)

If you are billing for someone who has different software how do you access their info?  Do you learn their system and bill on the system that you have?

Yes, I will remote access their host computer. I either use windows remote login or  Yes I eventually learned most/many of the PM software's out there, from Medisoft to Medical Manager, If I run across one a little more difficult I will usually call the company up and see what they have in the way of training. Once you have experience and have worked on one or two different systems it's a quick learn for another. I can't say I've ever let a prospect go because they wanted to use their own software. Many practices have already put expensive systems into place and it only makes sense they don't want that cost going to waste.


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