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 Hello! I have a problem that I am hoping someone can help me with.  I have a very flakey credentialing specialist and I have some questions.  I manage (and do billing and coding) for a small walk-in clinic in a rural town.  We have an oversight physician - meaning he does NOT see any patients but he is responsible for signing off on 20 % of all charting as well as any and all controlled substances that are written.  My main nurse practitioner is the owner - she wants to have other NPs work with her.  However they are not fully credentialed.  Is it legal to bill out these claims for the other NPs under my main Nurse Practitioner until they are credentialed (since the main NP would sign behind these other NPs)?  Or do they truely need to wait until they are credentialed, which could be weeks to months you never know, to see patients?
I know that we used to be able to bill a MD under an MD while waiting on credentialing as long as we applied a Q4 modifier.(Or at least that is what they did at my old office) Is that applicable to NPs as well?


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