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We have several physical therapy clinics which fall under the umbrella of one TIN number. One medicare group number but the therapist are credentialed individually. The credentialing coordinator has gotten NPI for all clinic locations, however the billing for all clinics are done by one central office.
Should these clinics be listed as sublets or can they fall under the 1 NPI which the company has.
Also, could you please advise exactly what goes into Boxes 24 J, 32 A & B and in Box 33 A and B.

Thank you so much!   
Deborah D

     You can get NPI numbers for each location, there is a place on the NPI application to indicate if the location is a sub-part.  If your clinics all bill with one TIN and the $$ all goes to one address, under one group name, then you would bill with the Type II NPI number that is assigned to the central office location.
Also, box 24J contains the individual therapist NPI number who performed the service.  Box 32A contains the NPI number for the facility where the services were rendered, 32B is the insurance company legacy number for the facility where the services were rendered (if there is one).  Box 33A  contains the NPI number of the central office (where you want payment to go), 32B is the insurance company legacy number for the central office (if there is one).

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Hope that helps
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