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Medicare Reimbursement - Wheelchair Repair


Hello Everyone!

Can someone tell me if Medicare would pay for wheelchair repair?  Parts and labor, including battery replacement for power chairs?


I found the following info:

"Medicare and other insurers cover labor and shipping charges, making the vast majority of warranty repairs bill-free for the user.  For wheelchairs out of warranty, insurers typically cover all associated repair costs, as well."

at the following website:

which indicates it is a covered benefit.


Did Medicare purchase the chair? If it was paid by another source you will need all the information to send to Medicare since that chair will not be on file with them. Also you may want to call the IVR to see if they have any chairs on file with Medicare before submitting a claim for repairs. You can hit option 2 then 3 to check for CMN status and use the code k0011 and it will search for any wheelchairs on file if that chair wasn't purchased by them. Some clients have chairs from private sources, one paid by medicare, and will try to have a vendor repair the one from the private source because they now have one on file with medicare and they won't pay for a back up chair.

Thanks, DME is not my forte!  :)



--- Quote from: Michele on January 22, 2009, 12:08:29 AM ---Thanks, DME is not my forte!  :)


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You are more than welcome...Billing is a HUGE HUGE field, as I prefer to stick to DME and family practice myself!!!


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