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Sleep Medicine/Sleep Study coding
« on: June 01, 2022, 12:23:58 PM »
Good Morning! I am a medical transcriptionist who works for a sleep medicine physician. He interprets sleep studies for many different labs in five different states. I also code the sleep studies. Yesterday, I received a message from the company that owns some of the labs he interprets for requesting that I use code R09.02 for hypoxemia, regardless of whether the patient has sleep apnea or not. I have never used this code when sleep apnea is involved, I have always used, as an example, G47.33 for obstructive sleep apnea and G47.36 for hypoxemia (sleep-related hypoventilation/hypoxemia). Of course, I am aware that G47.36 cannot be used as a stand-alone code. I have been using this combination of codes for years now and as far as I know, there has not been any issue with insurance companies or CMS.

My question is, should I be using G47.36 to code the sleep-related hypoxemia or should I use R09.02 hypoxemia code?

Thanks in advance for the help!