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I hope all is well with everyone.

Can somebody tell me if they feel this is a HIPPA violation or not?  I feel it is a BIG HIPAA violation.

When I was at one of my  provider offices today.  I seen the receptionist filling out a deposit slip on the deposit slip,she was writing the last name of the client so she would know what check went to what client I stated to her that she needs to write an account number on the deposit slip but not the last name because it's  HIPAA violation, she told me that it was not a violation.

What do you all think?

That would be a gray area for me.  There's no first name, so which Smith in Chicago is it?  Even with a first initial I wouldn't consider it a HIPPA violation.  Anyone else?

That would be gray for me too. She can't figure out another system to do that?

I agree, I don't really think it is a true HIPAA violation.  But I also agree it's not a good practice.  I would recommend (strongly) to any of my providers to find another method.

a different method needs to be put in placed.   to gray of an area not to consider.


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