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This is a very a highly small niche question, but here goes:

Is there even a single member on this board that knows of even a single "Web Based" software, that can print bills out on NF3, as well as your usual CMS1500, and electronic billing?

If would do me a great service but letting me know. I've had a bad experience with some renowned web based systems out there who claimed that they can, but in reality cannot.

I very heartily appreciate and await your response.

I am not aware of any, but can't you just print out the CMS and attach it to the NF3?

The NYS No-Fault regulation requires that the verification form be used. While it is true that another form that contains substantial all the same info as the NF3, like the CMS-1500, the insurer can still with hold payment pending receipt. Whenever you get those yellow forms from GEICO or Allstate, you must fill them out if you did not originally submit the NF3. It slows down the process to use any other form. Our attorney that does all the No-Fault Arbitration recommend against it.


I don't think your going to find a software for this. I do some NY No fault and don't really have a problem, yes it's another form to complete, but I don't see any of the vendors creating a module for this one form as It wouldn't be cost-efficient for them, it's really not that long of a form, though it looks intimidating. In my P&P No fault claims for NY are handled like this:

1. make sure you have assignment of benefits from FIRST day of treatment. I attach a specific assignment of benefits for auto accidents to the NF3
2. Create billing on the NF-3 ( I also generate a CMS 1500 as well)
3. Mail to carrier (MUST BE MAILED WITHIN 45 days for NY)
4. Track/log  (I use separate transaction codes for these so I know an NF3 was submitted) In some softwares you will have to manually change the "pending" status to submitted when you actually mail the form so you can begin tracking it's time
5. make sure all information is in patient file including any attorney, case number, etc
6. If we get a request from a carrier, I go back into the claim status and change claim status and note what is needed and then mail it and again change back the status

My provider's know they will need their own attorney to handle any arbitration and in fact we also make sure that we are tracking and maintaining all correspondence in regards to IME's as well.

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