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Suggestions for Billing Software that is 5010 HIPAA compliant

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Dr. Debra Reble:
I'm a solo psychology practitioner and need assistance in finding a software billing program that is 5010 HIPAA compliant. I have a small practice and software programs like SOS are quite expensive for my single use. Thanks Debra

I would look into Medisoft or Office Ally, inexpensive but fully compliant and their names/reputation are good. I bill mostly mental health and advise my provider's to steer clear of the specialty software for a variety of reasons.

I agree with Linda.  I've never used Therapist Helper but I would AVOID it based on all the experience others have shared.  JMO.

Can I ask what the reasons are for steering clear of specialty software?  I do mental health billing and use Office Therapy.  I like it for the most part but often wonder if another program would be better.  I do a lot of paper claims and know I need to change that soon!

Because IMO..the creators of those software's (especially mental health ones) are or were clinicians / providers..and many times they can't think outside their specialty and in the world of PM software you have to stay up-to-date on so many things, mental health is straight forward and there are not as many features NEEDED which means they don't spend the time/money keeping softwares up to date.  I've seen pretty much all of the specialty softwares and none have impressed me as much as many have aggravated me  ::) :o


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