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Billing an auto insurance for PIP claims

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Hi! I work at a chiropractic office and I was wondering if anyone could help me with how to bill auto insurances for PIP claims. (ex: Progressive, state Farm, etc)
Do i need a certain claim form to send them on?
Do i fax it or mail it to the claims address??

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you! :)

PI claims are still filed on the standard CMS 1500 forms.  I don't know of any PI companies billing electronically yet. 

You may want to call the adjuster before billing and see if they require notes to accompany the billing.  If so, make sure the notes are legible and signed by the doctor.  Attach them to the claim and note on the claim form "Tx notes attached "X" pages total.

Good Luck!

Great!! Thank you so much!

Write the claim number at the top of all pages of chart notes and referrals. Chart notes are always required for each DOS.

Thanks you!  :D

Am i able to fax the claims in or do i need to mail them to the insurance?


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