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Practice Mate by Office Ally?

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Does anyone have any experience with Practice Mate?  Can you share your experiences with me?  I got an account with them, and am dismayed at how cumbersome it is, and I am hoping that there are many shortcuts I just am not aware of yet.  I would like to pay someone to consult with me on the program.

Sorry, we use office ally but not practice mate.  Did you try calling them?  They should be willing to do either training or a demo.

Their website says they have free and unlimited support and training.   ::)

I use the Practice Mate portion for my clients. It it easy to use once you get hang of it.I NEVER pay for training and it is FREE.  If you need them to show you how to do something call the tech support or call for a half hour or full hour of training.

It is very easy compared to other softwares. 

When I was leading UnitedHealthcare's EDI team we would ALWAYS promote Office Ally due to the cost, FREE, and the each of use, along with the free 24/7 customer service.  I looked up the contact info for you also!
Call 1-866-575-4120
I highly recomend it.


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