Communiate securley with your provider office

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I am wondering if anybody knows a good way to communicate securely with your provider.  My provider needs to be able to email me the patients name and insurance information so I can check benefits.

Any help would be great.

Hi Jen,

I think for communicating emails you should go in for a secured domain of your own company and not to use any other personal sites like, yahoo, gmail, aol, etc. With regards to exchanging files and patient information, I would recommend you to try Drop box which is an application that allows you to share a secured space with one or more people. It will just appear as another folder on your desktop, and so, it should be easy for the doctor to use. Importantly, it is free but secured. Please check if that helps.

We use Hushmail.
It's free, only problem is it does not work all the time. Currently, I can send emails, but not emails with attachments.

You can also try a program to encrypt them or password protection.  That is usually pretty easy as well and doesn't cost a lot.

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