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Can someone plase tell me The difference between Billing NPI, Rendering NPI, Facilty NPI, and Group NPI? And the websites I can get them from? Im opening my own Clinc and Im get comfused On this hole NPI stuff please help!!

a provider has an individual npi.  if you are part of a group, you will also have a group npi that each provider in the group will be linked to.  You will go to to get registered.

rendering NPI is the provider who rendered the services, billing NPI is the provider or group who should receive payment, facility NPI is the NPI of the location where the services were performed.

so is there any logic for using the Rendering MD NAME but the GROUP NPI in Box 33, if the Group is where you want the payemnt?  ( new office environment....trying to figure out why they did this )

The NPI in box 33A must match the name in box 33.  You can't mix and match.


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