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Congrats to Kareo!

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Kareo Recognized as the Fastest Growing Medical Office Software Company by Inc. Magazine

James B:
I saw this post earlier today when I was doing some research and it definitely gives me a little more confidence in making the switch to Kareo.

I believe it; they seem to be growing like gangbusters.  That is awesome for them.  Hopefully they'll keep up the good work.

I would NOT recommend Kareo to anyone.  They have great review on websites (most of which they have paid to be on ) and some forums.  But for those of us that use them, they tell a very different story.  Their support team is absolutely horrible.  I have to pay a support fee (between $100 and $200 monthly in addition to your monthly service fee) to talk to someone.  They offer chat support, but the hold time to chat with a rep is at least and hour.  Recently I waited 3 hours only to have the rep tell me I was taking to much time because she didn't know the answer to my question.  If you read the community forum it really tels the story.  But of course you can't access the forum unless you sign up for the service.  And to make matters worse, they are fully aware of the problems users are having but aren't interested in fixing any of them.  They are cheap compared to some other services and that's why they are growing.  I really wish I'd found more honest reviews before I signed up for them. So for those considering using Kareo, I would call them and start asking some hard questions about their clearinghouse problems, posting issues and the mess they have made of fee schedules and contract. Watch them dance around the questions.  If you sign up with them you will regret it...I sure do  >:(

If you search this forum, you will find posts that state bluntly that Kareo is not good for beginning users because they are not user-friendly - as you have stated.

Because of the Federal push toward electronic billing, you are going to find everywhere that the IT folks have a captured audience in small-practice doctors.  EMR and PM folks can raise their prices and cut their services and the doctors have to use them anyway if they don't want to be penalized by Medicare.  (Go free market, right???)  The larger practices and doctor-groups who have their own IT staff are a bit more immune to this.  But not much.


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