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In the process of switching from Therapist Helper to Kareo

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I'm sorry about your bad experience and I wish you the best with your switch.  I guess I'm glad my experience has been different.  My question would be, did you ever have training even just one hour?  It sounds to me like you didn't. 
I feel the TotalMD ledger is the best of the literally dozens of programs (including Kareo) I have researched but you have to understand it to access its full potential.
You can easily get diagnosis codes to be brought down if you move away from the line but again you probably didn't get training.  There are a lot of people that can pick it up without training but in most cases you need training to really understand and use the program. 
I also find it hard to believe that you ever had to wait on hold for more than 45 minutes because over the last few years I have called for a number of different things and I think I waited 10 minutes once but it is rarely more than 3 minutes and 80% of the time there is no hold time at all.  It also sounds like there is some miscommunication between you and the technical support team.  I'm not sure on whose part but probably a little of both. 
Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with Kareo and hope it ends up being a great thing for you.

I actually did have training (I think its crap you have to pay for it, too!) and I know the diagnosis carry over but if you go back up to the line you were previously on, when you go to make a new one they will not carry over.  I've asked them about these little glitches here and there several times.  I've used several PMS previously and have never had anything like this.  Most of my problem is the lag from having to log onto their server.  As far as waiting on hold that long, the usual hold time was closer to 10-15 but on several occasions it was much longer.  I remember waiting about 52 min once because I had to eventually just hang up to go home. 

Anyway, it's good for people to get more than one recommendation on a software, and trying them out before switching.  I wish I would have tried out TotalMD before purchasing it.

This thread is a really really good example of how every billing company/biller is different!  I can't stand Medisoft, yet one of the largest billing companies in my area have been using it forever and love it.  They have been in business longer than me and def have the experience to utilize other software, this one meets their needs/volume, etc.    I myself have been through 4 popular software's. I've done data conversions that were a nightmare and some that were rather easy and uncomplicated. I've used software that is very popular and people love and I've used software that people hate that I love. Bottom line.. DEMO DEMO DEMO.  I give our members some resources on HOW to demo a good PM system, if it turns out that Medisoft is your cup of tea, great.   I know different people who love some softwares and hate others.   FIND one that YOU like, make sure you know what features you need and WANT, and take TIME to demo. I always made sure the company offered either a free trial version, demo, etc where I can actually put it to the test.     


You are right on with that.  I guess if only one program was the best for everyone then there wouldn't be so many options out there.

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