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Any one familiar with Point and Click Solutions EHR?

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I am trying to figure out how this EHR will integrate with my billing system.  The clinic may not use a PM system I already subscribe to.  I have Kareo which I'm not totally happy with and have started playing with Practice Mate (Office Ally).  Not sure if I can make it an electronic process for the office without a demonstration of the EHR but can't get the EHR company to provide this to me.  There appears to be some type of billing/claims functionality according to the P&C website but that's about all I got.  This is a potential client and I need to tell them how they will integrate with my system.  If its a simple export, that would be great but I just don't know!  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. 

It sounds like you have questions about Practice Mate (Office Ally) and about Point and Click Solutions (aimed primarily at College Health offices).

Could you specify the vendor, and then clearly state what your question is about that vendor?

The goal is eventually to be able to have any Practice Management (PM) system talk to any Electronic Health Records (EHR) system through the HL7 interface (demographics and insurance; not financials).  We are not there yet, so you need to adopt a solution that works for today.

I have a client who uses Practice Mate for appointment scheduling and EHR.  He submits a paper fee slip to us, which we key into our local billing softare (we can export demographics and insurance from Practice Mate and import them into our billing program, but it is usually faster just to key in the demographic and insurance info on new patients).  We batch-print the claims to a text file and upload that text file to the Clearinghouse portion of Office Ally.  They use that data to bill the carriers electronically - just as though we had input the data through the billing part of Practice Managment (we don't use it because it is not robust enough for our needs).  Note that we could simply submit an electronic file to the Clearinghouse portion of Office Ally if our software was capable of producing that.  It isn't.

Doctor can log into Practice Mate through the Internet from any computer and look at patient diagnosis and procedure info.  Doctor can log into our Billing Software through GoToMyPc from any computer to look at financials if he wants to.  He is satisfied with out monthly reports, and so doesn't log into our billing software.

There's a start on what is possible, using different software for different tasks.

I gotta ask.. what are you not liking about kareo, they  have a free EHR which is actually pretty nice. The only thing I see what people are unhappy with in regards to kareo is pricing.. but I'm still a firm believer you get what you pay for. I don't hold the software licenses for my clients, I have them do it and works quite nicely for me.
I've seen there EHR and it's pretty darn nice. FREE is nice too :)

What I don't like is that Kareo is it still Windows based and I have to use a separate application since I have a Mac.  That makes it not totally "web based" in my opinion.  That's why I started looking at Office Ally.  Once I read all the raves about Kareo here today, I kinda stepped back and decided it's not bad.  The reporting is good.  Price point low.  Integrates with several EHRs.  I did feel a little stabbed in the back when they started their own billing company but so far they haven't attempted to poach clients.  I do get frustrated with the Windows aspect of the software.  I also have one problem account that I can not get rid of a primary insurance that was loaded in error.  That's a technical problem.  So, I just submitted that guy over Office Ally to resolve it short term so I don't have timely filing issues.

I will use Kareo for the client that uses Point and Click but I don't want the clinic to have to use a fax system to send me encounters.  I don't know if Point and Click can generate a superbill or encounter form as I can't get a tech person to call me back.  I wanted to have a firm answer for the clinic but can't really do that until I can see the EHR.  Hopefully they create superbills, I can have admin access and the clinic will not have to do much more than that. 

Thanks for the responses!  If anything it let me vent!

You bring valuable points.. cannot say i don't agree with you! I'm not thrilled with their starting of the billing company either..but actually I just found out Office Ally has been doing it longer <g>   I have a client who absolutely refuses to use a PC.. he has a MAC and accesses Kareo.. so not sure what's problem there.. I'm still on windows and like I mentioned... I let my clients have the relationship (contractually) with the software vendor.. sure makes my job much easier.


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