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PIP - How to bill secondary health insurance after Geico payment received.

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I have received payment from Geico for a PIP patient. Since they cover 80%, how do I go about billing their secondary health insurance (Aetna) for the remaining 20%? Do I have to create a secondary claim to Aetna and show what was billed and what was paid by Geico and what balance is due? If so, I use OfficeAlly and am not able to change item 30. 'Balance Due'. Also the patient has a $500 deductible with Geico which she is yet to pay. Would I need to take the $500 off the 'balance due' even though she has not yet paid it?

Do I need to attach a letter of explanation and a copy of the EOB from Geico? Or can I simply submit the secondary claim electronically?

It all depends on if their state is no fault or not.. and if they opted for the rider for MM coverage after PIP.
I would think you should submit a manual secondary claim and attach the primary EOB. since the PIP had deductible of $500, the secondary may or may not pick up depending on their coverage/policy.

Thank you for the reply. We are in Florida. I was trying to do a secondary claim electronically but Geico's EOBS aren't as detailed as some of the other insurance companies so I can't figure out what group codes to use. I will try and do it manually.

Interestingly enough Florida is in the news with No-fault as they may be doing away with it..

They also went through some changes 1/1/2013, this is a great PDF   
Mainly you will want to make sure all PIP is exhausted before any secondary carrier be billed. 

Why is it advised to wait until all PIP is exhausted before billing the secondary insurance? I am afraid that if I wait and it is not exhausted, by the time it is, it might be too late to bill the secondary insurance for the remaining 20%. I am not sure what the timeframe is on secondary claims.


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