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Does it maybe vary regarding state? I am in Kentucky.


--- Quote from: TerriTye on January 29, 2014, 11:50:09 AM ---Does it maybe vary regarding state? I am in Kentucky.

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I would contact your insurance companies to see which will cover.   For example, blue cross/blue shield in my state, Louisiana, covers lpc's.   When we get benefits from bc/bs out of state, we are always told that if the benefit for mental health is covered and they see an lpc, it is covered if the provider is providing care under their scope of licensure.  I have never had any issues.    With that said, there are a couple of northern states that have exclusions under their mental health benefits that state something along the lines of, covered by md or lcsw only.     Lpc's reimbursement rates are a bit lower than psychiatrists and medical psychologists, just a bit.

Good to know.  In our area, LPCs are not covered.  But I think TX might have a few insurers that cover them as well now that my brain is turning.  It must vary by state.

I am in NY in case that wasn't clear.   :)

MEDICARE/MEDICAID won't recognize an LPC but I know carriers who will in NY. I took on a temporary billing project for an LPC about 2 years ago we had a few carriers that paid her.  I know Magellan will cover them.


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