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The age old question of how to set fees for your Billing Service

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--- Quote from: DMK on May 30, 2014, 01:36:59 PM ---Great discussion.  From another point of view, most doctors have no idea the work involved in processing a claim (data entry, submission, follow up, collections).  All they know is a claim is $X.XX income and overhead is taken out of it.  This might catch me flack for saying, but MOST doctors are great doctors and bad business owners.  They don't take into account that a GOOD biller can do the work FAST and EFFICIENT the first time around, which is more cost effective for everyone!

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How TRUE!  We run into that exact scenario.  The doctors have no clue how much work is involved OR how much money they are losing when they don't have a good biller!

Regarding the per claim fee, we have a couple of clients that we charge a per claim fee but I've never seen a scenario like you described below.  It's interesting.  I can see from a marketing standpoint how it could be useful.  But as a biller of more than 20 years I don't think it would be a good concept.  I feel that the drs would all pick the cheapest method but be disappointed with the service (like your carwash analogy!  :) ).  Then they would think that you (the billing service) were not good.   :-\


--- Quote ---Here's an example... If you go to a drive-thru car wash, your choices are clearly spelled out.  Basic is $6, add tires and wax $8 and if you want towel dry and RainX for your windows $9.99.
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This is where we may disagree, lol and that's ok. I just can't compare a car wash with the full on picture involved with Practice management. There is a huge difference between service industry and good/supply.. If I go to the car wash, even if I pick the basic low end price w/out the rain x, and I pull my car through, I already know what I'm getting before I come out. We also certainly can never see attorney's charging "per contract", "Per letter", or "per phone call".. I think our services air just a bit more professionalism.

Again, though, I do understand if you have a practice insisting on a per claim structure, it's easy to just go about your fees the same way, and humor them with a "per claim quote".  But if they are expecting $2 a claim, well, I'd have to question if I wanted them as a client anyway. The Tier pricing would work in this situation, but again, I think it's a lot of unnecessary work to figure it out.

We do it based upon a provider's volume. We decide upon the rate (%), based upon that alone.

I am sorry from deviating from a main topic, fees for billing services.
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Regarding pricing of services with a provider. I will suggest this, as a new comer,you should consider any rates the doctor wants to offer.Based on my experienced, the more effective you process provider's claims and payments coming timely the better the rate will be for you.
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Most softwares offer a "rent" option.


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