Author Topic: Is there a numerical Modifier I should be using on line 24 D?  (Read 2392 times)


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I am a licensed masters level clinical social worker practicing in the state of Michigan. I have a small private practice. I do my own billing and have a very old version of Therapist Helper. So far, I'm able to get my existing program to accommodate the new CMS 1500 changes. My question: Is there a numerical Modifier I should be using on line 24 D?
Thank you, Carol

Hi Carol,
Thank you for your question. Whether you need a numeric modifier in box 24d depends on what you are trying to indicate to the insurance carrier. I have been billing for many LCSW’s for 15 years now and I have never found the need to use a numeric modifier in 24d. Is there something in particular you are trying to indicate? Or are you just wondering in general if you need to use the field? It is not required to have anything in the modifier section of 24d. If there is something you are trying to indicate, please email me more details.

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