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We are working on a series of "Test your Knowledge" quizzes for medical billers. We will be offering a free quiz free and our members only will have access to several quizzes to "Test their Knowledge" within each area of our members only area. These are NOT courses, they are more for those who want to challenge themselves and TEST what they already know, learned, or experienced. The first available quiz is on payments and adjustments, and is available free at:

It's not required, but it sure would help us if you could email us feedback at the completion of your quiz. This will better help us produce much more efficient and challenging quizzes which we hope will test the knowledge of individuals looking to get into this business, supplement their education or just get a quick refresher!

To date of this posting, the quiz was taken a total of 73 times. The quiz has 10 questions at 10 points per question. The AVERAGE score has been 72%.. I'd like to see if possibly it was too challenging/difficult. You do NOT have to give me your name, you can just simply email me or PM me here with your feedback. Please tell me if you felt the quiz was too hard, too easy, or maybe you would like to challenge some of the questions/answers. I'm all for honest and fresh feedback!!

Thank you to Alice and Michele for letting me post this in the forum with advanced request for permission of course :)

OUR HIPAA Test your knowledge quiz is available!   Let's see how much you know!


We have created a special quiz to test the knowledge for coordination of benefits. NOT who is primary.. We want to see the knowledge that medical billers have in regards to positing payments and determining patient balance and adjustments with dual coverage.   If you would like access to take this quiz, please send me an email with your full name and email address and I'll be happy to send you the quiz.   

This will only be offered to non members until 2/20/2015

I'll be sure to to take the quiz, just learning the community here. I've used this type of forum software before.

I don't believe this is being offered anymore.


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