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I am signing up for Medicare. I already have an NPI for myself but last year  I formed an LLC based on my CPAs advice. So instead of filing by my SSN I file by my EIN. Do I need to get an NPI  for my LLC even though I am the only one working for the LLC? In the future I may hired addition doctors.

Yes, if you're going to bill under the LLC's EIN you will need to register for a type 2 (organizational) NPI to bill under. See more info here:

Do you have a book or course on billing for optometry?

Not at this time.  We just finished our online courses at the end of last year and we intend to do some specialty ones now but we haven't started.  We bill for optometry though, do you have any specific questions?

I have lots of general questions about billing and was just interested in a source that I could refer to.  Another question about NPI is: All along when an insurance company asked for my NPI, I have always put my personal NPI (since I don't yet have one for my LLC), do I need to go back and change the NPI to the LLC's NPI for all those insurance companies?


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