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I have claims for PsychCare in Florida and they tell me that the client has an MMA plan. I don't know what that means. Also that to bill for mental health we would have to use H and T codes. According to my code book H codes are for services for Alcohol and Drug screening and treatment. The H code for regular mental health session- perhaps- H0004? A 15 minute code? or H0031 for Mental Health assessment by non-physician? No time assigned.

T codes do not seem to apply to regular out patient mental health.

Does anyone have experience billing PsychCare in Florida with these codes?

Thanks for any help.



--- Quote from: barb2512 on April 17, 2015, 07:16:03 PM ---... they tell me that the client has an MMA plan. I don't know what that means.
--- End quote ---

It is amazing what one can learn by searching Google on unfamiliar terms.  You might keep this in mind as you encounter unfamiliar terms.  I Googled on "mma plan" (quotes included) and received a page-full of links.  These links might tell you what you want to know.

MMA probably = Managed Medical Assistance

I also Googled on "H and T codes" and received a page-full of links.  These two can get you started:

From Page 2 of the first link and Page 5 of the second link:

There are three levels of HCPCS codes, two of which are relevant to mental health billing.
Both Medicaid and Medicare use some of both Level I and Level II (see below) which can be
confusing. Medicare more often uses Level 1 codes while Medicaid more often uses Level II

Level II HCPCS codes beginning with letters A through V are national codes; however, there are certain codes that Medicare does not pay for, such as the H and T ( Mental Health and Substance Abuse codes); however, most Medicaid programs do allow many H and T codes.

Thank you for the info and the links. I appreciate your feedback and will read up on the items you suggested.


You're welcome.  And please let us know if any of the info helped.

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