Author Topic: Place of service when provider is going to patients work place?  (Read 2839 times)


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on CMS form box 24b place of service, a provider is going to patients work place or other places not to their home, what place of service should be used is it 99 place of service and what address should be in box 32? and should 32 match a NPI? reminder the provider is going to patient where ever the patient wants to be seen.

Hi Naomi,
It sounds like 99 would be the appropriate code to use for place of service. There is no code specifically for patient's work. Technically, the actual place the patient was seen is what is suppose to be entered in box 32 however, given the situation, that really isn't feasible. If I were doing the billing, I would enter the provider's billing information in both 32 & 33. I would also use the provider's NPI number in both 32 & 33. If the provider has a group NPI, I would use that. I hope that is helpful.
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