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Billing 0100 for Residential Treatment RTC Substance Abuse procedure code

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I normally bill substance abuse residential treatment with revenue code 1002 (1001 for mental health) with procedure code H0018 however I have been asked to bill with 0100. My question is, will there be a procedure code (HCPCS or CPT) required when billing with this revenue code? If so, what procedure code should be used? Would I still use H0018? Any help on the matter would be much appreciated.

I have the same issue. Lets go over together: I have 1001 and h0018 being denied. I see 0100 as all inclusive room and board while 1001 is more appropriate for services? I do not see another option. type of bill: 893. Rev code 1001. CPT H0018. This is for adolescent RES psych. So, type of bill 861
Did the carrier tell you to use 0100?
I have another company using 0124 But that is inpatient psych which would mean type of bill 111? and looks like its upcoming?
Any luck or suggestions?

Are you billing for room & board?  If so, there is no HCPCs or CPT to correspond.  Just put the description "room & board" and leave the HCPCs/CPT blank.

I am billing for Residential Treatment. The authorization we received was specifically for 0100 (UR is being done by the facility, I am just billing). Type of bill we are using is 113 (111 on the initial claim). I am sending claims with HCPCs/CPT blank. I will update this thread when I receive a response. Thank you.

Thanks. I am very curious to see how that works out. please do follow up.

 I show Residential as not being able to be used as 0100 since 111 and 113 are hospital? Unless you are providing residential services in a hospital? That may be upcoding?
  Residential services I was told-  are type of bill 861 and 862 with 1001 / HCPCS H0018 and 1002 / H0011 . It was my understanding that you cannot break out room and board on these services / this level of care? That it is all inclusive.

So, that all said- What are your thoughts / what do you find re: the above?


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