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I believe the cloud version is the only version of Practice Mate.

Our softare, Lytec is the server version, but they do have a cloud version available.

I'll be honest, OA is starting to be a pain in the ass. Their servers go down constantly and the interface looks like something from the 90's. I think they are using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) to do all of this, it looks damn close to what I used to use, again in the 90's. Their support is pretty bad as well. Truth hurts...

I have never used OA, but it sounds like a case of "you get what you pay for", or in the case of OA from what I understand, "don't pay for", half the time, depending on amount of claims. Cheap and/or free is great, until it isn't.

They were great for many years, but they seem to be falling apart.  Their PM system Practice Mate is awful!  And that's the paid version!

I am a medical biller in California and 65% of this states uses OA. In this state Physicians don't want to get bogged down with high cost of software to process their claims. Physicians are happy with the reports they receive from OA. For the price they charge it is extremely reasonable. I don't find Customer Service a problem but I have also taken the time to know OA and I really don't need to call customer Service. They do need some upgrades in their system but for now it works.


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