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I'm curious if anyone has looked into pricing for or used the cloud based software AdvancedBilling from AdvancedMD. It also seems to be the same software available from NueMD because Advanced MD took it over, so perhaps someone knows more about that system?
I really want to find a cloud based software that has the billing company as the single user, and can then bill for multiple providers. I have several potential clients who are mental health providers who have no EHR/PM in place and hoping to find something to bring them online and away from paper.  :)


I don't have any personal experience with AdvancedMD.  We looked into using them ourselves several years back but we find with most cloud based systems that the charge is way more than we are looking to pay.  As a billing service with over 50 providers, it doesn't make sense for us to pay per provider.

We use Lytec which is server based, but they do offer a cloud version.  They charge per seat so it's not per provider.  I can send you the name of a reseller if you'd like.

Sorry I can't be more help!

Thank you for your response! I agree, paying per provider is not worth the cost from what I've looked at for cloud systems. But if Lytec charges per seat I'd appreciate any extra info you have! Thanks!

Contact Deanna at SMG Systems.  (516) 520-8551  That is who we get our Lytec through.  We do not get anything for referring you but mention that we (Solutions Medical Billing) sent you.  They take care of the people we refer to them.  (They are good and take care of all of their clients but they give special care to the ones we refer!)

I don't purchase or maintain any costs of any one software or clearinghouse. I do have two clients who are on AdvacedMD and it's probably my #2 pick! Kareo being my favorite. The reports are fabulous! Oh and of all the other software's I've worked on it's fast and not sluggish in the least!   


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