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: level 4 substance abuse treatment center
: jeannie May 05, 2008, 06:28:23 PM
Ok today i have a clearer understanding of what I need to know. The treatment center is considered a level 4 treatment center in Florida meaning that the patients reside in apartments that have been rented for them and they are driven to group and individual therapy. They stay for 28 days. I need to bill for the room and board and their treatment protocol only. The drs and therapists are all contracted and will do their own biling. Does the part I'm billing for go on a UB04? Also does your book cover substance abuse treatment centers? What billing software is good for UB04 billing if this is what I will need to do? I will only be billing a max of 15 patients per month. I will need to post payments and balance bill patients. THANK YOU! Jeannie
: Re: level 4 substance abuse treatment center
: Michele May 06, 2008, 12:01:08 PM
Hi Jeannie,

Yes, the portion you will be doing will be billed on UB04's.  Our book is not specific to any one specialty.  It is general to cover all facilities and has lists so that you can determine type of bill code, rev code, etc.  Are you currently using a PM system?  Some PM systems are already capable of printing UB04's.  I would check that route before buying new software.  Lytec didn't have the form, but I was able to create my own so we can print UB04's using Lytec. 

If not, you may want to consider a fill and print software instead of an entire PM system.  We work with a guy who is almost done with his fill and print.  Let me know if you are leaning that way and I can check with him.

Also, on the UB04 book we have, there is a money back guarantee so if it's not helpful, you can get a refund. 

Good luck!