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can anyone help me find or direct me to a list that I can get for my office for the front desk ladies to have for CPT codes that require auths  for  urology and gastro  offices?  I do the AR and denials and I get constant denials for no auth for the patients OVs for these specialist....

I want to be able to make them a sheet to go by

These requirements vary by plan so it would be impossible to have a generic list.  The best way to create a list is from the denials you are seeing. 

Wellcare should have an authorization tool where a particular code can be keyed in to see if an auth is required.  The requirements change periodically so every so often look up your codes again. 

If you go to & choose your state & Medicare you should be able to find this tool under the provider tab.  Amerigroup and others have this too.

Hope this is helpful!


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