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Bill the Biller:

I wonder if anyone familiar with the subject can throw in some (desperately needed) advice.

I have a relatively new billing company and a doctor in my state called me that we was referred to me by a friend of mine.

I took a day to research Chiro billing, lots of info on here, and all over the web.

I use Kareo and it is capable of handling Auto Claims and Workers Comp and all that, but the provider questioned me how far I am familiar with Arbitration and Litigation and my heart skipped a beat. He mentioned that claims can then be sent to (...) which can take years to settle. I am familiar with standard billing, appeals, and I know nothing about personal injury claims.

Can anyone help? What do I need to know for Chiropractic billing about Arbitration, Litigation, and that last word that I don't even know. Also as a billing company would I responsible to take it through the entire process if it does not get paid by the insurance or the patient.

Please any light you can shed, any links you can share, very valuable. Thanks in advance.

I do quite a bit of personal injury claims for Chiropractors, and my duties are normally mailing in the HCFA's to the insurance Co. with the clinic's office notes, posting payments to the clinic's ledger, follow up of unpaid claims and (if necessary) resubmission. Anything involving litigation is normally handled by the injured party's attorney (and if you're not an attorney I highly suggest you don't get involved in it!) Sometimes the attorney will ask me for the claim forms I mailed in, but that's about all. I hope this helps.  :)

Williamportor is right.  The biller isn't usually involved when it gets to arbitration and litigation.  Other than to maybe supply the lawyer with some info.  Sometimes doctors think that you need to know all about it but you really don't.  You need to know how to bill it, how to respond to requests for notes or other information, how to follow up if not paid, and how to appeal if denied incorrectly.  But if it gets to arbitration and litigation it is really out of your hands.

Nice Message William.


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